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How To Start Hiring

Start Today For a Great Future

This portal connects freelancers / consultants who specialize in OpenText and OpenText complimentary skillsets with companies requiring experienced software development in these areas. 

To get started Sign Up as a recruiter and post your project.

  • I'm a recruiter. Do you allow multiple jobs, freelancers?

    Recruiting Agencies

    Yes, recruiter / recruiting agencies are welcome. Please contact us if you have any question or issues posting multiple positions. 

  • Is there a cost to this site?

    Site Cost

    The OT SolEx Partners provides this site free of charge. We do have several sponsor opportunities if your organization is interested in connecting further with our community. Please visit to contact our team. 

  • What is SolEx?

    OpenText Solution Extensions

    Founded in 2020, the OT SolEx Partners is an independent group of OpenText Solution Extension Partners (SolEx).


    The OpenText™ Solution Extension (SolEx) Program extends the capabilities of OpenText products through the creation and reselling of complementary partner technologies. The combined OpenText and partner developed products create complete solutions to meet even the most demanding customer needs.


Getting Into Business

Focus on niche market by partnering with an OT SolEx member

Are you a consultant looking to carve out a niche market for yourself?

Many of the OT SolEx Partners have unique solution extensions (SolEx) specific to an industry or OpenText pillar product.

Learn more about our members and their products offerings by visiting

  • What is an example of a potential niche offering?

    Partner Reseller Agreement

    Many of the OT SolEx members have opportunities to resell their products. For example if you specialized in OpenText records management consulting you could partner with a partner to resell their records management specific solution extension (add-on software) which would separate yourself from other consultants.

  • How do I become OpenText certified?

    OpenText Certification

    Get OpenText™ Certified and earn digital badges to show off your skills in social profiles, resumes and anywhere else you want to get noticed. Learn more here:

  • What is an OpenText Solution Extension Partner?

    Become an OpenText partner

    The OpenText Solution Extension (SolEx) Program extends OpenText product capabilities by leveraging partner technologies. Sold and supported by OpenText, these combined products create complete solutions that meet even the most demanding customer needs.

    Learn how to become a Opentext parnter: